Business Fulfillment Center
Consolidation Of Shipments

North Bound:

Instead of having your U.S. suppliers ship each of  orders directly to you in Canada at high shipping cost , SAVE  SHIPPING AND BORDER CROSSING FEES  and have them shipped  to our U.S. Distribution Center. Once we have them, we will consolidate the orders from all your suppliers and ship them across the border as one shipment. You can also make arrangements to pick up your orders.

South Bound:

Combine all your U.S. orders on a pallet in Canada and ship them down as one order to our distribution center. Once we have them, we will break up the shipment and ship out the orders to your individual U.S. customers. In this manner you SAVE IN BOTH SHIPPING COSTS AND BORDER CROSSING FEES.
By completing a simple and easy form. We will send you a quick and precise quote in the following 24 hours.

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