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Offshore Incorporations

United Kingdom Incorporation
The United Kingdom has one of the largest network of Double Taxation Treaties in the world and in many instances these treaties provide for low and often zero rates of withholding tax on royalty payments made to the UK. -Companies set up in the UK can handle dividend receipts from a spread of subsidiaries. This allows a group to centralize its resources and maximize the tax benefits through careful use of tax treaties. -Corporation tax (which includes Capital Gains Tax) is paid by UK companies based upon accounts, which are submitted to the Inland Revenue and the Registrar of Companies at the end of the company's financial year. Companies pay corporation tax at the rate of 19% where the net profit before tax does not exceed £300,000. The tax payable increases thereafter in stages until the net profit before tax reaches £1.5 million where the top rate of corporation tax is charged at the rate of 30%. These limits for the lower and higher rate of corporation tax apply to the total profits (worldwide) of group companies and associated companies. -No disclosure of beneficial owner is required -Companies whose annual turnover does not exceed £1,000,000 are not required to file independently audited accounts and in such cases the directors must self-certify the accounts (increased to £5.6m from 30 March 2004)

Gibraltar Incorporation
Exempt companies are not subject to any local tax -A Director may be a person or a corporate body, of any nationality and need not be a resident of Gibraltar -There is a need for disclosing the beneficial owner but only to get a tax exempt status, and this information is kept confidential -Shelf companies available

Cyprus Incorporation
A uniform 10% corporate tax rate on its world-wide profits is levied on all resident companies from the 1st January 2003. A company is considered resident if its management and control is exercised in Cyprus. A resident company paying tax can take advantage of a substantial number of double tax treaties. Non-resident companies are tax-exempt but cannot take advantage of any double tax treaties. This is the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union and thus the most advantageous standard rate of corporation tax for Cyprus. -Tax exemptions on interest received, dividends received, capital gains and distributions by Cyprus holding companies -Other corporate tax benefits including carrying forward of losses and Group relief -No exchange control for International Business Companies -There is a need for disclosing the beneficial owner but only to the Central Bank of Cyprus where it is kept confidential -Shelf companies available

British Virgin Islands (BVI) Incorporation
A BVI International Business Company does not pay any tax on its world-wide profits to BVI authorities -No taxation on the Company’s world-wide profits -No disclosure of beneficial owner to the government -No need for annual return or preparation of Accounts-companies are only required to keep financial records that reflect financial position -No exchange control for International Business Companies -Shelf companies available

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