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We are located just across from the Quebec border in Swanton Vermont and have been providing Canadian companies with Pick and Pack services for well over a decade. If your Canadian company is doing business in the United States or wants to this is what we can do for you:

We can store your merchandise in our center and provide pick-and-pack services for either a fixed rate for standardized items or an hourly rate for variable work. All orders are double- checked by our staff to ensure a high degree of accuracy.

Pick & Pack FAQ

Q. Can you pick and pack most items?
A. Yes

Q. Are there minimum and maximum amounts of orders that can be picked and packed?
A. No.

Q. What is the normal turn around time from receipt of order to shipping?
A. One to two days.

Q. Do you supply extra packing materials?
A. Yes

Q. Which carriers do you use?
A. UPS, FEDEX, DHL, U.S. Mail, Transport Companies

Q. How are orders sent to you?
A. Orders are sent by: Fax, e-mail or online system.

Q. How do we receive tracking information?
A. Fax, e-mail, or online system

Q. How much are the fees?
A. Depending on the volume and type of product we charge per order or per hour.

Q. Can we be invoiced directly from the carrier for their charges?
A. Once your account has been opened with them, shipping charges will go directly to You.

Q. How soon can we open an account with you and start shipping goods to you?
A. Once you have indicated that you wish to proceed, we will forward our New Client Worksheet for you to complete and return.  Upon receipt of the completed Worksheet a contract is generated and your account is normally opened Immediately.

Q. How is payment done?
Via Credit Card

Online Inventory Management Systems are available 24/7

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