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Image N/AWe are located just across from the Quebec border in Swanton Vermont and have been providing Canadian companies with Warehousing services for well over a decade. If your Canadian company is doing business in the United States or wants to this is what we can do for you:

In our distribution center we store goods by the skid (pallets) for ready access. We also rent out space by the week, month, or annually, depending on requirements and space availability. Many of our clients have their products shipped directly from a foreign country into our warehouse for distribution. In this manner the product does not need to enter Canada first. Inventory control and tracking information is provided online. By warehousing and distributing from the USA there are large savings, quicker response time, and a certainty of control that one can take advantage of.

Warehousing FAQ

Q. Where are the warehouses located?
A. They are located at 555 Route 78, Swanton, Vermont 05488 (Mapquest)
One hour south east of Montreal, Quebec Canada

Q. What type of products do you warehouse?
A. Electrical, computer, sporting goods, toys, food, medical, beverages, clothing, automotive, exercise equipment, most any product that does require controlled temperature.

Q. How much space do you have available?
A. Approximately 50,000 S. F. , but availability is upon request.

Q. Are the warehouses heated?
A. Yes

Q. Do you have an inventory control system?
A. Yes

Q. What is the minimum and maximum of products that can be warehoused?
A. We have no minimum or maximum.

Q. What are the fees?
A. Fees are normally charged per pallet

Q. When can we get started?
A. Once you have indicated to us that you wish to proceed, we will forward a New Client Worksheet for you to complete and return. Upon receipt of this Worksheet , we will generate a contract for you to sign and your account is Immediately opened.

Q. How is payment done?
A. Via Credit Card

Online Inventory Management Systems are available 24/7

Business America Services
555 Route Seventy Eight
Swanton , VT
Tel: 802-868-7244
Fax: 802-868-4113

By completing a simple and easy form. We will send you a quick and precise quote in the following 24 hours.

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