Find out how BAS/Kinek can help your company

  • Here are the steps to follow

Business America Services/Kinek offers an easy and cost effective solution for shipping from the US to Canada. It is convenient, reasonably priced and essentially offers you a US delivery address to which you can ship small packages.  

1) Sign up on BAS/Kinek’s website and get your Kinek number.   If you already have a Kinek number to pickup your package you do not need to do this step. 


If you already have a BAS Kinek number

2) When ordering, use your name, Kinek number and  the Business America Services  address,  555 Route VT 78 Swanton, VT 05488 USA as your delivery address.

Forwarding of your package

3) When you receive your notification via email  that your package has arrived at BAS/Kinek, download the form below, complete and save, then send it to us via email.

For a quote only do not complete the credit card information section in the form.

Download the document, Save it and Complete the form, then it to us via email to have your packages forwarded to you

BAS Package Forwarding Form (pdf)


Kinek How does it work?

This i s a general guide for Kinek online service.